Smart Witness and Road Incidents

SmartWitness Benefits All Parties Involved in Road Incidents

For Drivers

  • Prove your Innocence & What Really Happened
  • Defend Against Driving Offence Allegations
  • Protect Against Behavior Complaints
  • Added Security & Theft Deterrent
  • Vehicle Location, Speed, & Driving Route

For Insurers

  • Mitigation of Whiplash / Personal Injury Claims
  • Proven Reduction of Accident Frequency
  • Proven Reduction to Loss Ratios
  • Concrete Evidence of what Really Happened
  • Increased Speed of Claim Resolution

For Employers

  • Detect Training Needs / Unsafe Practices
  • Increased Fuel Economy; Improved Drive Behaviors
  • Log Vehicle Journey History & Event Videos
  • Incentivize Safe Driving Behaviors
  • Make Clients/Passengers Feel Secure that your Vehicle is Equipped with SmartWitness
A&D Technology 2011